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Mtn. View publisher featured in Pub Aux

May 5, 2008

Tianna Brooks and the Mountain View Standard News were the focus of a feature story in the April issue of Publishers’ Auxiliary, a publication of the National Newspaper Association.
Brooks’ family bought the Howell County weekly in 2001 and put Tianna, 28, in charge in 2003.
Brooks’ background is as a teacher. She taught fifth and sixth grade language arts before taking on the newspaper and worked with her father in real estate.
Brooks’ two brothers each operates a business, one a heating and air conditioning firm, the other a carpet company. Those two companies and the newspaper are housed in a family-owned building.
“I have developed a great respect for journalism and the newspaper’s watchdog role,” Brooks told Publishers’ Auxiliary.
She has learned by doing and by attending training programs sponsored by the National Newspaper Association and Missouri Press Association. She went on the NNA On the Road tour of Missouri newspapers in 2005.
Missouri Press inspired her to begin a Newspapers In Education program, and she appreciates MPA’s legal hotline. Whenever she gets bogged down she just heads off to an MPA meeting to get a new dose of education and inspiration, she said.
Brooks was elected president of Ozark Press Association at that group’s March 28 annual meeting in Point Lookout.



April 16, 2008

Helen Sosniecki, who has owned three weekly newspapers and published a small daily in Missouri during a 34-year career, has joined Interlink Inc. as its Senior Sales and Marketing Manager. Interlink, based in Berrien Springs, Mich., provides circulation management and ad-billing systems for more than 1,200 community newspapers.

Sosniecki, with her husband, Gary, owned the Humansville Star-Leader from 1980 to 1986, the Webster County Citizen in Seymour from 1988 to 1999 and The Vandalia Leader from 2003 to 2007. From 1999 to 2003, they were editors and publishers of The Lebanon Daily Record and vice presidents of its parent company, Lebanon Publishing Co., in Lebanon, Mo. She also has worked for The Jackson, Tenn., Sun, the Marion, Ill., Daily Republican and the Wichita, Kan., Eagle-Beacon. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Sosniecki is a past president of the Ozark Press Association, a past National Newspaper Association representative on the Missouri Press Association board, and, with her husband, was a vice president of the Missouri Associated Press. The Sosnieckis shared the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors’ lifetime-achievement award, the Eugene Cervi Award, in 2003. They also shared the NNA Community Development Award in 1998. Each received NNA President’s Awards in 2007.

Sosniecki has been a longtime customer of Interlink and supporter of its circulation management and ad-billing systems.

“Interlink has long been the favorite of publishers of many of America’s finest community newspapers,” Interlink founder Bill Garber said. “To have a representative of one of those legendary publishing partnerships join Interlink is unprecedented. That Helen chose Interlink as a platform from which to, in a very real way, personally help secure the future of community newspapering is a great honor.”

Companies typically sell either circulation programs or mailing services. “Interlink is the only newspaper-circulation-system vendor to secure USPS certification for its integrated mail preparation and address verification. Because we control the process, we deliver greater flexibility and precision while greatly simplifying personalized subscriber care,” Garber added.

“Helen knows firsthand how very good for business it is to partner with Interlink to take impeccable care of subscribers and advertising accounts,” Garber said.

The Sosnieckis live in Le Claire, Iowa.

Helen Sosniecki may be reached at

Always promote your Industry

February 27, 2008

While in Washington, D.C., in early February, when my wife, Sarah, and I attended the 56th National Presidential Prayer Breakfast, I had the opportunity to meet with both of our U.S. senators and our congressman, Rep. Kenny Hulshof.
I took every opportunity to express my firm conviction that newspaper advertising not only works, but it works significantly better than any of its competition.
I received positive responses from each of the three. So I look forward to continuing the growth pattern we saw in the 2006 elections.
In addition to talking about advertising opportunities, we also discussed the course the federal government is taking and, of course, about the upcoming elections. Each senator and the congressman had his own view of the national presidential race. They briefed us on pending legislation, including the security bill and the economic stimulus package. All three pledged to work hard to represent our interests, especially when it comes to open records and access to them.
We will return to D.C. the first week in March for the National Newspaper Association’s Government Affairs Conference (GAC). During this four-day meeting we will visit the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. The Department of State plans a briefing on foreign policy.
We will, of course, meet with as many members of Congress as we can get to and will enjoy an informative and interesting meeting, which should include some of the key candidates for office this year. It will be a most interesting meeting. If you can attend, it is a worthwhile investment.
Back in Missouri, coming up in March is Sunshine Week. We hope that you plan some observance of that initiative during the week of March 16-22. MPA has numerous items available for you to publish during the week. They can help educate our readers about the critical need for sunshine laws in our society.
Sunshine Week resources will be available at
Finally, capping a busy month, the Ozark Press Association will hold its annual meeting March 28 in Branson. The folks in southwest Missouri are planning a very interesting program that we are looking forward to attending.
Your state association is working every day to help you and your newspaper to be compelling to readers and ultimately successful.
MPA has a hand in all of the above activities, and this is just one month of 12.
Through visits to Washington, D.C., and Jefferson City, we can have direct access to our elected national officeholders, statewide officials and members of the General Assembly.
Through events such as MPA/AP Day at the Capitol and the NNA’s GAC, we can demonstrate our interest in government and directly or indirectly influence the course our state is taking on a variety of agendas. It is crucial that we remain informed on the issues and in close contact with our leaders so that we can continue to have influence in the future.
For those of you who took the time to attend the Day at the Capitol event and who will publish Sunshine Week articles that are available to you, I say thank you and keep up the effort.
Again, thanks to all of you for your participation and your support. If there is anything that you want or need, don’t hesitate to contact the MPA staff or me directly. We are here to serve you.