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October 23, 2008

Data shows unprecedented user engagement with record page views and time spent

Arlington, Va. – Newspaper Web sites attracted more than 68.3 million unique visitors on average (41.4 percent of all Internet users) in the third quarter of 2008, a record number that reflects a 15.8 percent increase over the same period a year ago, according to a custom analysis provided by Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America.

In addition, newspaper Web site visitors generated an average of just over 3.5 billion page views per month throughout the quarter, an increase of 25.2 percent over the same period a year ago (2.8 billion page views).  These figures are the highest for any quarter since NAA began tracking the data in 2004.

“As news surrounding the economy and the presidential campaign rivets the nation, record audiences are trusting newspaper Web sites for comprehensive, up-to-the-minute reporting and analysis on the events that impact their lives,” said NAA President and CEO John F. Sturm.  “Whether in print or online, newspapers are the top local brands that readers turn to for information that will help guide them through some challenging issues facing consumers today.”

The third quarter also set records for active reach percentage (the percentage of active Internet users that visit newspapers on an average month), page views, pages per person, time per person and visits per person.

“Newspapers are continuing to enhance their Web sites with dynamic features, video and other interactive tools that deliver high levels of user engagement,” said Randy Bennett, NAA’s senior vice president of Audience and New Business Development.  “The dramatic increase in page views suggests users are visiting newspaper Web sites frequently throughout the day.”

From Nielsen Online:
Month     Unique Audience     Active Reach Percentage     Page Views     Pages per person     Time Per Person (mm:ss)     Visits Per Person
July-08     67,952,516     41.21      3,410,220,416      50.19      44:19      8.48

Aug-08     69,313,361    41.52      3,421,605,140      49.36      43:18     8.52

Sept-08    67,703,978    41.53      3,686,180,159      54.45      49:20     9.20

Q3 Average

68,323,285    41.42     3,506,001,905     51.33     45:49      8.73

Source: Nielsen Online Custom Analysis

Month   Unique Audience   Active Reach Percentage   Page Views   Pages    Time (mm:ss)     Visits
per person  (pp)               (pp)
July-07    59,635,245      37.05             2,735,019,015    45.86     40:07     8.00
Aug-07   59,278,593      37.42             2,828,613,489     47.72     41:52    8.22
Sept-07  58,160,770       36.96             2,836,328,492     48.77    43:44    8.15

Q3 Average   59,024,869    37.14          2,799,986,999      47.45   41:54    8.12

Source: Nielsen Online Custom Analysis

The Nielsen Online newspaper total audience represents a de-duplicated visitor total based on its RDD (Random Digit Dial) recruited, combined home and work panel of Internet users (i.e. an individual who might read a national newspaper plus their local newspaper online is only counted once). The target sample (2 years or older) has access from a non-shared PC at work and/or access from home. The Nielsen Online monthly newspaper total represents the de-duplicated reach of a custom list of hundreds of sites collectively.

NAA is a nonprofit organization representing the $56 billion newspaper industry and more than 2,000 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. NAA members include daily newspapers, as well as non-dailies, other print publications and on-line products. Headquartered near Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Va., the Association focuses on the major issues that affect today’s newspaper industry: public policy/legal matters, advertising revenue growth and audience development across the medium’s broad portfolio of products and digital platforms. Information about NAA and the industry also may be found at


Mtn. View publisher featured in Pub Aux

May 5, 2008

Tianna Brooks and the Mountain View Standard News were the focus of a feature story in the April issue of Publishers’ Auxiliary, a publication of the National Newspaper Association.
Brooks’ family bought the Howell County weekly in 2001 and put Tianna, 28, in charge in 2003.
Brooks’ background is as a teacher. She taught fifth and sixth grade language arts before taking on the newspaper and worked with her father in real estate.
Brooks’ two brothers each operates a business, one a heating and air conditioning firm, the other a carpet company. Those two companies and the newspaper are housed in a family-owned building.
“I have developed a great respect for journalism and the newspaper’s watchdog role,” Brooks told Publishers’ Auxiliary.
She has learned by doing and by attending training programs sponsored by the National Newspaper Association and Missouri Press Association. She went on the NNA On the Road tour of Missouri newspapers in 2005.
Missouri Press inspired her to begin a Newspapers In Education program, and she appreciates MPA’s legal hotline. Whenever she gets bogged down she just heads off to an MPA meeting to get a new dose of education and inspiration, she said.
Brooks was elected president of Ozark Press Association at that group’s March 28 annual meeting in Point Lookout.

You’re part of something great!

January 29, 2008

 People across the country have contacted me about the “splash” in last month’s Missouri Press News. All the folderol embarrasses me. I am just not cut out to be a parade leader. Working behind the scenes helping to make things happen is my preferred role. I don’t need, nor do I desire, lots of attention and/or accolades. So just discard the January issue and we will go from there.
Be that as it may, here I am writing another column, and I would like to make a point. If you sincerely believe I had good words to say last month, then follow through by joining my effort to increase involvement in this mighty organization. If you are not aware, we have one of the best state press associations in the country, and I want to keep it that way.
We will be organizing our committees shortly and will be gearing up for a really busy year. Whether your interest lies in legislation that the General Assembly is considering, or in increasing the amount of political advertising we can garner, the Missouri Press Foundation, or any of the other areas, take this opportunity to volunteer your services and expertise. We must have the help of the membership if we are to manage these areas properly. So let us know where your interests lie.
Speaking of participating, February is the month we all converge on Jeff City for the MPA/AP Day at the Capitol. This year we will meet on Feb. 21. But this year will also bring some changes. The evening of Wednesday, Feb. 20, will feature a reception for elected officials and their staffs. (Political advertising will be on the top of our topics list.) That will be followed Thursday morning with a 7:30-9:30 breakfast reception in the Capitol.
It will be a great opportunity to meet and greet representatives and senators prior to the official program later in the morning. That program will feature the new president of the University of Missouri system, Gary Forsee, as well as statewide officeholders. So mark your calendars and plan to attend this expanded event.
Also coming up before you know it will be the annual National Newspaper Association Government Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C. This year’s conference is scheduled for March 5-7. Rumor has it the President (as in “of the United States”) may make an appearance.
As I said last month, we can increase participation in a number of ways: encouraging you to take advantage of services offered, participating in advertising programs, attending meetings, contributing to training sessions, joining committees and attending the annualconvention.
I suggest, for starters,that each member newspaper of the Missouri Press Association pick three of the above “Paths to Participation” and agree to increase its level of participation in those three areas. That will get us off to a good start.
If you think of another way that you can participate other than the above list, just let me know and I’ll add it to the participation election list. I can’t stress enough how important it is to all of us to have a strong state organization representing and supporting us.
Let me know what you think and what YOU see as important for the organization to address. I assure you, we will take your suggestions to heart and do our best for you.