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NAM annual election of officers

August 11, 2010

Felicia Mason, executive director of the Alabama Press Association, was elected president of Newspaper Association Managers, Inc (NAM) at its annual meeting last week in New Orleans  She succeeds Micheal Hodges of the Texas Press Association.  She becomes NAM’s 88th president, the second from Alabama.  Doyle L. Huckels was the first, serving in 1943.  Mason has been with APA for 22 years, 12 as executive director.

Dean Ridings, Florida Press, was elected vice president.  Ridings is a former Missouri newspaper publisher in Richmond.  Doug Anstaett was elected secretary, from Kansas Press.

Lisa Hills, Minnesota Newspaper Association, was elected as a new member to the Board of Directors for a three-year term.  Other directors are Michael MacLaren, Michigan Press, and Greg Sherrill, Tennessee Press.

Mark Thomas, Oklahoma Press Association, remains NAM representative to the National Newspaper Association.  Morley L. Piper continues as the clerk of the corporation.