Gatehouse cuts salaries

GateHouse Media New England on June 1 began cutting salaries an average of 7.75 percent temporarily for all employees.
According to the company’s website, GateHouse Media New England publishes nearly 100 newspapers in Massachusetts. GateHouse publishes about 15 newspapers in Missouri.

In a memo to employees today, the company said it had asked leaders of its unions to immediately negotiate the temporary pay cut. The salary reductions will generate $2.5 million in savings this year, the company said.

The size of the pay reduction will vary depending on an employee’s salary, ranging from 7 percent up to just under 15 percent for the company’s top earners.

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One Comment on “Gatehouse cuts salaries”

  1. Mike Says:

    Employees at GH papers already don’t give a damn about the product because there have been no raises and management is dictatorial rather than team-oriented. A 7.75% pay cut will finish off any morale staff has

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