A recent reader survey conducted by Pulse Research suggests a silver lining for publishers and retailers.  Despite economic woes, readers are as active in searching, planning, and purchasing.

Apr. 29, 2008 ­ Portland, OR.  Pulse Research has concluded its online Pulse of America Survey, conducted March 16 ­ April 15, 2009.  Readers in all 50 States are represented in the findings with over 250 publications participating. Publication types participating included daily, weekly, free, alternative, business and ethnic publications.

The research shows encouraging signs of reader planned shopping activity.  In the midst of a difficult economic climate, survey participants purchasing plans over the next 12 month is stronger than generally perceived. Despite the recent economic downturn, opportunities continue to emerge for retailers and publishers as 25.5% of readers plan to increase their spending in the next 12 months.

Print media may face intense competition, but it is far from dead according to the Pulse of America survey.  Approximately 12% of readers surveyed indicated their readership of printed publications will increase over the next 12 months, 41.6% indicate it will remain the same and 9.4% state it will decrease. Also of interest is that 32% of readers believe that the print edition of newspapers will be around 20 years or longer, while 28% state less the print edition will be around for less than five years.

In key economic categories such as real estate and automotive, planned reader purchasing over the upcoming 12 months is becoming more positive:  9.6% of readers plan to purchase a personal residence, 6.4% plan to sell their residence, 6.6% plan to remodel their home, 22% of readers plan to shop a vehicle dealer in the next 12 months with 8.9% planning to purchase a new car and 3.7% planning to purchase a new truck.

Retailers will find encouraging reader demand over the next 12 months in a wide range of categories according to the survey’s results: some examples:  14.1% plan to purchase living room furniture, 16.2% plan to purchase a laptop computer, 10% plan to purchase windows, 62% plan to purchase women’s shoes and 8.8% plan to purchase a major home appliance.

The Pulse of America survey also indicates positive opportunities for service businesses during the next 12 months such as:  chiropractors 13%, cellular phone providers 16% , carpet cleaning 24% and massage therapists 20%.  Purchasing plans are documented for 303 business-advertiser categories including everything from art galleries to wineries.

The overall picture of the reader economy, in short, appears more vibrant than some conventional indicators may suggest.

Publishers can get a complimentary copy of the Pulse of America survey results at

For more information contact: John W. Marling, President, Pulse Research 503.784.5772 or

Pulse Research, Inc. is an independent research firm founded by a former newspaper publisher with over 35 years of experience in the industry.  Pulse Research is one of the nation’s largest publication research firms, having completed over 4,000 surveys for more than 3,000 clients.

John W. Marling – President
Pulse Research

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