Missouri had good representation at National Convention

This is the time of year that things settle down a little bit for your President. With the annual MPA and
National Newspaper Association conventions out of the way, there is a little time available for looking after my primary project, my regular day job.
Speaking of NNA, Missouri was well represented with more than a dozen attendees in St. Paul, Minn. Programs were well organized and timely, entertainment was appropriate and well planned.
It was a great time for everyone in attendance, and much was learned by all, including how to make a perfect omelet in less than one minute. Attendance was down a little this year, a reflection, I’m certain, of the economy as a whole. But attendance was still good. If you have never attended an NNA conference, I would
strongly recommend that you make the effort.
In challenging times like we face today, it benefits everyone in the industry to take advantage of any idea sharing or training opportunities that will improve our skills or those of our staffs. Certainly MPA offers many opportunities to learn and provides resources to assist every member on the road to success.
A prime example of MPA’s efforts to assist members is in the new “Know It. All.” newspaper campaign. This series of ads was developed through MPA, with consultation from Strategists, LLC, and is a promotional campaign that focuses on the value that local newspapers bring to their readers.
The promotion launched Oct. 1 for Missouri newspapers and is provided at no charge to MPA members. MPA encourages all of its member newspapers to download the material and use as much of it as they can.
Because the initial response was so positive, the MPA office began getting inquiries from other state press associations and newspapers. They were asking if they could use the materials in their own campaigns.
After conferring with the MPA Board of Directors, the staff at MPA has announced that the campaign will now
be made available to all state, regional and national press associations and their members.
We did not develop this program to generate revenue.
Rather, like so many programs offered by MPA, it was made available to all at no charge.
I invite you to go to the Missouri Press website and view the promotion. Ads are in template form so newspapers can customize the content to localize the message.
The first flight consists of eight ads, each designed with a different target, season or approach. Some of the ads focus on the news and information aspects of newspapers. Others focus more on the advertising
and value aspects of them. All are presented in two sizes and in color and black and white.
I think you will find this a most worthwhile program.

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