Gannett Wins Again with Local Banner Sales & Say Goodbye To Yellow Pages!

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Blinder Group’s Latest Client Case Study:
Two Gannett Markets Launch CPM Banner Sales Programs Resulting in Six-Digit Growth in Local Online Sales!
Mike Blinder, president of the Blinder Group was recently quoted in the International News-Media Marketing Association’s (INMA) Ideas Magazine, saying “there has been much discussion lately on the ‘death of the online banner’ as an effective advertising solution. This could not be farther from the truth. Banner sales are alive and well, and it is being proved every day at media companies all over the world.” In the past 18 months, over 2 million dollars of new, local online revenue, sold by the traditional ad reps, has been achieved with Blinder Group assistance for Gannett newspapers. Recently, two new Gannett markets asked for online sales training assistance from the Blinder Group: The St. Cloud (MN) Times, and Montgomery (AL) Advertiser.
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Blinder Group Case Study Cited in Borrell Associate’s Latest Report: Say Goodbye to Yellow Pages
The Blinder Group’s recent work with McClatchy’s Tacoma (WA) News Tribune and Cox’s Palm Beach (FL) Post, was cited in the latest Borrell report. The document speaks to the “directory-killer campaign” deployed at these two newspapers, that averaged 82 percent close rates, generating close to $1,000,000 of new online revenue, with more than 70 percent of the contracts garnered coming from new Yellow Page based advertiser categories.
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Increase New Online Prospects by Hosting an Advertiser Workshop!
Bring the ‘Mountains to Mohammed’ by hosting an educational workshop for local businesses in your market. Mike Blinder’s Advertiser Workshop is a powerful, dynamic, information filled program, showing local prospects that there’s tremendous opportunity on the World Wide Web for them to grow their business. Mike brings all the “high tech” concepts “down to earth,” so everyone can understand them. Plus, your media company winds up with a huge target list of qualified, online advertising leads, from new business categories!
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Empower Your Reps To Sell Online with a Multimedia Master Class!
As deployed at over 150 newspapers, Mike Blinder’s Multimedia Master Class is a proven way to train, motivate and empower your ad reps to sell online advertising to local advertisers effectively. The Multimedia Master Class can be tailored for any market size and any sales organization.
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Catch Mike Blinder Speaking in Your Area:
August 14th, Chicago: Inland Press Newspaper Business Development Conference
September 11th, Portland: Pacific Northwest Newspaper Assoc.(PNNA) Annual Convention
September 18th, Amsterdam: International Classified Media Assoc.(ICMA) Workshop
October 3rd, Daytona Beach, FL: Florida Press Assoc. Advertising Conference
October 8th, Minneapolis: SNA Conference
October 10th, Phoenix: Arizona Newspaper Association Workshop
October 27th, Chicago: Inland Press Annual Conference

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