New free daily has no website

PALO ALTO, Calif. — A startup launching (near the end of May) in the heart of Silicon Valley is offering a product that many now consider quaint and perhaps even passé: a traditional, ink-on-dead-tree-pulp daily newspaper.
In another act of brazen heresy against the prevailing dot-com culture here, the Palo Alto Daily Post, has no website. At a time when most newspaper owners are looking to the internet to revive their struggling industry, the new paper’s owners, James Pavelich and David Price, brusquely dismiss the need for an online presence.
“We’re a newspaper,” Pavelich said in an interview as he returned from shuttling his inaugural edition to newsboxes around town. “The internet is a form of broadcast to me. We’re not broadcasters. We just don’t have the time to run two businesses.”
The new daily is free, which could touch off a newspaper war of sorts with another free paper, the Palo Alto Daily News. The owners of the new paper are intimately familiar with that title. They co-founded the Daily News in 1995.
Pavelich said his observations of the coffeehouses near several Palo Alto-based web firms, such as Facebook, lead him to conclude that the tech-savvy are not forsaking newspapers. “You’ve got the most highly educated, technogically advantaged people there. They’re all drinking coffee — and reading the newspaper,” he said.
The Daily Post’s inaugural issue featured articles about city volunteers quitting over mandatory fingerprinting and a physician facing charges for prescribing medicine over the Internet to a Stanford student who committed suicide. At 28 pages, the paper is just a tad thinner than the gaunt metropolitan dailies from San Francisco and San Jose.
Pavelich has a similar free daily in Denver and is planning another in Vail, Colo.
The New York Sun
(Editor’s note: The May 22 Bulletin had an item about the daily Capital Times in Madison, Wis., dropping its printed edition in favor of its website.)

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