Survey verifies importance of newspaper advertising

When consumers need to make an informed choice for shopping, they rely on newspapers nearly 3 times more than the nearest media option (Newspapers 44.3%, TV 18.9%) (Rural areas..aka weeklies – 48.9%, TV 17.2%)

More than any other medium, when consumers want information on home products, hardware, grocery (45.8), electronics, furniture, real estate, new vehicles, what is on sale or local events (43.1), they turn to the newspaper. Overall, it is THE one source they rely on most for advertising. Not surprisingly, over half of all females polled showed they prefer newspapers for advertising.

Grocers beware. Consumers by a wide margin (66%) depend on newspapers, or inserts, to do their shopping.

What is on sale? Most Missouri consumers, (53%), check a newspaper, or an insert, to find out. That number jumps to 60% for females.

Unlike some media, whose advertising message may be gone in 60-seconds, Newspaper has staying power. Over 1/3 of people who read a weekly newspaper, keep it around for a week or more (dailies tend to be kept for four days). On average a weekly reader will keep a paper for just over four days and the majority (62.6%) of papers are read by more than one person in the household.

While facing at least 1,000 advertising impressions each day, isn’t it nice to know that newspaper readers are committed? Almost half (46.5%) admit they read the entire paper thoroughly. Plus, many read, and re-read, the paper giving advertisers multiple opportunities to impress. Just when you thought the news couldn’t get better, these people then pass the paper to their spouse, significant other, or child. Newspaper Advertising. It pays to be seen.

Daily newspaper readers tend to be interactive. Over 63% are aware of their local newspapers website and nearly all of those people have visited it.

How important is Newspapers in Education (NIE)? A recent study showed that over 33% of those people that do not attained a high school education also do NOT read the newspaper. (Double Check this stat)

Over 74% of newspaper readers earn $25,000 or more annually.

The older a Missourian gets, the more likely they feel like newspapers cover the community better. Weekly readers in particular feel they get their local news from newspapers.

71% of those female weekly newspaper readers polled have home delivery. They also ALL read the paper. Dailies are read at a 96.8% clip.

Female readers (weekly) read inserts at a 54% clip.

Oddly, while newspaper web sites have minimally changed readership habits, it has also sparked slightly higher subscriptions (minute numbers, but interesting).

Are you paying attention to what is going on Jefferson City? Your readers are. 67% (71% female) voted in the last election.

Interesting numbers in that the mean age is 45, income is $62,000 and almost 2/3 of the respondents have no kids at home.
–Pulse Research Statewide Market Survey May 2007.

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