Do you want more?

I have been considering adding newspaper job moves and promotions from across the state to this site, but frankly I’d like to know if it is work worth doing. Would you find it helpful? enjoyable? Make a comment, otherwise I will assume the answer is no.

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2 Comments on “Do you want more?”

  1. jean Says:

    how exciting to see a blog on the news side! Yes, i think adding newspaper job moves and promotions are a great idea! (in addition to running the promotions of folks from this realm to the next!)

    I also think a link to that really incredible blog about the sunshine law your lawyer has would be good, too! (big grin here!)
    ms. sunshine

  2. Kent Ford Says:

    We need a blog for news / writing / editorial chat. Here are some things to get the ball rolling.

    Please, writers and editors, eradicate this redundancy that’s spreading like a fungus: “on a daily basis,” and “on a monthly basis” etc. Nothing wrong with just saying “daily” or “monthly?”

    A couple of things for those stuck in the habit of typewriting with a typewriter:

    1) Computers take care of spacing between sentences. There is no longer a need to double space. Double spacing just leaves big gaps in the copy that someone down the line has to remove.

    Please, single space between sentences!

    2) Computers also can make dashes. Please don’t use two hyphens to make a dash — another problem someone else down the line has to correct.

    Along that line, when you use a dash, reconsider. Most of them should be commas.

    One more thing for this initial rant.

    Postal Service abbreviations for states — two-cap-letters — are not correct in copy unless you’re writing an address.

    Return rants encouraged!

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